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For use From Birth


The Bambeano Seat, like its big sister, the Chibebe Snuggle Pod, is designed (and laboratory tested), for use by babies from birth.

Our baby beanbags are extremely popular for helping to relieve reflux symptoms in babies, and parents find their little one is relieved when placed in the seat.

Flathead is a common phenomenon in newborn babies, due to being placed on flat surfaces for long periods at a time. The Bambeano seat prevents flathead with its perfect flexibilty due to the bean filling. The seat safely molds to the back of your babys head, as oppposed to Bub's soft little head being forced to adapt to a flat surface, causing it to become flat.

There have been many other comments in regards to the benefits of our baby beanbags, including helping Bubs with Dysplasia, SPICA Casts, Laryngomalacia and other breathing disorders, as well as other conditions, including Bubs that just prefer to rest on one of our baby bean bags over anything else!

But noone can afford to purchase something that can only be used whilst bub is a newbie. That's why the Chibebe and Bambeano Seats have been designed to last for many years to come, easily becoming a part of the nursery decor through to a tweens haven, and beyond that, for generations more. We adore the idea of the Bambeano becoing a family heirloom that is handed down to your grandchildren, and their grandchildren, and so on. 

The Chibebe and Bambeano seats come with removable inner linings, so that you can wash, and even store, the cover for future use. Throw out the inner bag if you like. We stock extras for purchase when you need to re-fill it again.