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Who are Bambeano? What is the Bambeano? PLEASE READ will be pleasantly surprised!

Bambeano (pronounced bam-bean-oh) is a baby range of high quality, laboratory tested baby beanbags with an energetic, fun, highly addictive design vibe that is fresh and out of this world! It is brought you by the makers of Australias number one baby bean bag brand Chibebe!

The Bambeano Baby Beanbag is brought to you by the makers of the Chibebe Snuggle Pod, which has become a name synonymous with quality, safety and design.

Whilst Chibebe is a brand focused on not only the worlds best baby beanbags, but also accessories for them, the Bambeano brand is purely a baby beanbag brand, featuring funky cool designs. Bambeano fabrics are custom designed to have a “Bambeano” vibe to them, and these designs are focused on fun, energy and vibrancy. Bambeano baby beanbags can be accessorised with any Chibebe accessory, including spare seats, the Pod Rocker, etc.

Both Chibebe AND Bambeano brands are laboratory tested, as quality and safety are not something we are willing to compromise on.

We have a reputation for regularly testing and retesting our products to maintain our high quality standards, to ensure optimum health and safety for babies. As far as our knowledge extends, we are the ONLY baby beanbag manufacturers in Australia to do this! This is because your babys health and safety are our highest priority.

We regularly test our baby beanbags for factors that relate to health and safety. This involves not only meeting mandatory Australian standards and our own in-house compliance, but also voluntary standards, tested in a consumer testing laboratory, to manufacture and sell baby bean bags*. These tests are conducted by a world leading testing and certification company, under strict compliance conditions.

You are sure to love the Bambeano for its functionality, safety and design. Our primary focus is that we continually provide products that exceed expectations of the fussiest parent. And, of course, your baby.

Chibebe is already the best of the best. Why make another range, you ask?

Because we wanted to offer the same high quality, laboratory tested product that Chibebe has become famous for, at a lower price, to eliminate the shoddy sellers out there that try to copy the famous Chibebe brand to make a quick buckaroo. To do this, we decided to keep the large accessories range in the Chibebe brand, and not offer them in the Bambeano range.

This means we cut the cost involved in designing and testing new add-ons in the Bambeano brand, BUT, you can still mix and match both Chibebe and Bambeano accessories, inlcuding the Pod Rocker, made famous by Chibebe. It just means that the Chibebe budget caters for all the cool accessories we are known for, allowing us to cut the cost in the Bambeano brand, without compromising on the quality we have become famous for. Rest assured that we WILL NEVER compromise on quality and safety, and no matter what the brand is; Chibebe OR Bambeano, both are still equally made of the hgihest quality materials from start to finish, inside and out, and will always be regularly tested in a consumer testing laboratory...not just in-house.


Now there are two stars in the world of baby bean bags....Chibebe AND Bambeano. And they have fans all over the country going poddy for them!